Architecture Workshop   7—15.08 2017


Architecture Workshop


Next year Sicily will foresee a new tourism concept. To make it real Studio Gibel held a competition for emerging architects. Join us in building a prototype of the winning proposal by Supervoid Architects!



On June 16th 2016 a devastating fire hit the coastline between Palermo and Cefalù. The flames destroyed 20 hectares of vegetation within Villa Catalfamo, an historical farm producing organic and sustainable products since 1734. The fire destroyed e secular olive groves, several citrus groves and much of the Mediterranean scrubland within the dunes straining a rich and biodiverse ecological system, an historic heritage of vast naturalistic value.


Nomos16.06 arises from the need to regenerate the burnt land. It takes up the challenge of redesigning an area by defining a new tourism concept. It enhance a new aesthetic through a collective design process. To pursue this, a competition was launched and now Studio Gibel and Raumplan are organizing a workshop to build a prototype of the winning agri-camping proposal by Supervoid Architects. Nomos16.06 is born from the will to restore the identity of the farm, by reconstructing an ecosystem as a sign of rebirth.


Nomos16.06 comes from an idea by Dario Nepoti with the kind support and experience of Marco Giammona. It aims to radically transform the concept of staying by proposing an alternative model comprising hospitality, sustainability, architecture and agriculture. To do so Raumplan and Studio Gibel, will team up with Supervoid Architects, Luca Trevisani and Delfino Sisto Legnani to lead the activities of the workshop and think, together with the students, of new opportunities for the project.


The workshop will last between August 7th and 15th, in the relaxed and friendly environment of Villa Catalfamo in close relationship with the groups of young people gathering every summer in the Villa’s yards, beaches and mediterranean woods. 6 days will be devoted to build the prototype and the other 3 will be just full relax and fun. Here you can find more infos on the project and prototype.

The participation fee is 250 euros comprising a spot for your tent and breakfast every morning. Please send your CV and portfolio at PDF format, A4, max 10 pages. The deadline for applications is July 10th 2017. We have 15 positions available.


Day 1

Villa Catalfamo introduction and overview by Studio Gibel. After lunch briefing and site visit with Supervoid Architects. Foundations layout.

Day 2

Project introduction with Supervoid Architects. Workshop schedule with Studio Gibel and Supervoid Architects. Foundations installing.

Day 3

Main structure installing and set up. Late afternoon lecture by Studio Gibel on Villa Catalfamo history and mission.

Day 4

Cladding installation and set up. Late afternoon lecture by Raumplan on the the competition process and proposals.

Day 5

Furniture installation and set up. Late afternoon lecture by Delfino Sisto Legnani and Studio Gibel on Villa Catalfamo recent history, from the fire to the restoring.

Day 6

Furniture (indoor and outdoor) installation and set up. Late afternoon lecture and sightseeing by Luca Trevisani.

Day 1—9

Throughout the workshop there will be workshops, talks, live sessions with Delfino Sisto Legnani, Luca Trevisani and Joe Victor!

*From August 13th to 15th Ipsigrock will be in Castelbuono, 30 minutes from Villa Catalfamo!


Dario Nepoti
Studio Gibel, Raumplan
Supervoid Architects
Villa Catalfamo, Escooh, DSL Studio, Gangi Costruzioni, Emmecci S.r.l.
Arch. Giuseppina Leone
Nicolò Ornaghi
Delfino Sisto Legnani (*just for color images)
Bianca Fabbri, Simone Bastianelli
With the participation of:
Supervoid Architects, Raumplan, Luca Trevisani, Joe Victor, DSL Studio
With the kind support of:
Marco e Rossella Giammona per l'arte contemporanea
Special thanks:
Delfino Sisto Legnani, Francesco Venezia, Paolo Piacenti, Alessandro Simonetti, Olì Bonzanigo, Luigi Selva, Fabrizio Dell’Acqua e Tomaso Treves, Giulio d'Ali Aula.